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The government wants complete control not just over you, but also over the children.

For years, they have been doing everything they can to water down the family unit since a nation is strong when there are morals and emphasis are placed on family. This has been shown time and time again in the rise and fall of nations and we are seeing it happen in our country as we speak.

They know if they can remove the parents and have the children spend more time in government centers (schools and daycares) they can condition them into their thinking.

These evil geniuses in power have been able to accomplish it by having both parents NEED to work so that these kids have to be in public schooling. They have made men become more feminine and have lost sight of what it means to be head of the household. They then created third-wave feminism to incite women to hate their male counterparts as well as their femininity. Oh, but the list goes on from the rise of homosexuality, the prison complex, and how they continually enslave every race in our country then pit us against each other with their divisiveness.

And while we are arguing among each other they laugh and continue to come for our children.

Now, these medical fascists will use every tool in their arsenal to inject your child with this experimental toxin.

Public schools will prey on children to inject them and will attempt to bypass parental consent.

Los Angeles already mandated the experimental jabs for children 12+.


What could be the consequences of including children in this evil mass vaccination campaign?

New reports expose horrifying child injuries from these experimental injections.

Dozens of children in the 6-17 age cohort reported permanent blindness or deafness from the jabs.

Some of the VAERS reports came as late as September 5th.




Watch the report from the Stew Peters Show safely on Rumble:

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