New Mom Dies From Doctor ‘Violently Yanking’ Out Her Baby’s Placenta

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A new mother experienced a moment of bright joy after her baby girl was born only to have the Russian doctor tear her placenta from her body and kill her. The 22-year-old named Alisa Tepikina experienced her last moments in life looking at her baby girl before the doctor killed her with the “aggressive removal of the placenta.” Because the placenta is attached to the uterine wall, it can cause catastrophic internal bleeding if it becomes dislodged before the time is right.

The young mother experienced “excruciating pain” as she died in the delivery room after “an inexperienced obstetrician forcefully yanked out her baby’s placenta.”

Alisa’s family at least has the relief knowing that the young mother died after she saw her baby girl. But after the doctor “tugged” at her umbilical cord as if it was a stubborn root in the garden, she screamed in unbearable pain and died soon after.

Now the family wants the police to investigate the situation as a criminal negligence case.

Because the placenta did not separate from the inverted uterus as it normally does after birth, the doctor, who had little to no experience in the real world, did not know how to handle the situation and decided to pull harder. Alisa died while in the delivery room at a hospital in Nizhneserginskaya, which is located in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia.

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Alisa’s father is distraught, as is every other family member. His name is Dmitry Malyukov, and he is 47-years-old. Dmitry said: “We have been told that the ‘birth’ of the placenta did not occur. The midwife called in a doctor. The obstetrician, aged 27 and recently qualified, began to pull the umbilical cord roughly. My daughter was suffering, she was screaming in pain. But the doctor paid no attention.”

The family members are not the only witnesses to the young doctor’s horrible crime. They had other friends in the hospital with them who witnessed what the doctor did and how he ignored the screaming mother.

“She tugged the umbilical cord with real force – the uterus was inverted,” he said. “Alisa screamed so loud that she could be heard throughout the hospital. This is like something from the Middle Ages. This caused a painful shock, severe bleeding, and she fell into a coma. Unfortunately, she never regained consciousness.”

After the doctor made the murderous mistake, a helicopter was on standby ready to take Alisa to a surgical hospital. But the new mother was losing too much blood much too fast and was too weak to take the flight.

Instead, surgeons rushed into her hospital room and tried to save her life. They were unable to help her. The official cause of death for the young mother was registered as severe shock caused by pain.

Not long after Alisa got to look at her newborn daughter, her husband and the father of the child, 22-year-old Nikolay Tepikin took the baby to another hospital because the newborn had suffered a minor neck injury at the hands of the inexperienced people in the delivery room.

Nikolay returned hours later and was told that his wife in horrible condition. In reality, she was already dead. But he wasn’t supposed to know that.

Her eyes were covered in blindfolds, her jaw was tied up,” he said. “There were tubes everywhere for a lung ventilator but no machine nearby. I reached out to hold her hand – and it was cold.”

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