How to Maintain a Glowing, Sunless Tan

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Sunless tanning solutions are a great way to get a quick, natural-looking tan without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays. All sunless tanners work the same way: they contain the chemical dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which causes a reaction with the amino acids in your skin and darkens it. The color is temporary and will fade in 4-7 days, depending on how well you care for your tan. Preventing your sunless tan from fading too quickly can ensure you look your best while protecting your skin.

The sunless tan is a great way to look like you just got back from a tropical vacation, and it can also help cover up minor skin imperfections. However, it’s important to maintain your sunless tan so that you continue to look your best. This can be done with the right lotions and the following regular maintenance procedures:

  • Moisturize your body every day. 

You should apply moisturizer at least once a day to prevent dry skin, which can cause your sunless tan to fade faster than normal. Use your moisturizer on both your face and body to ensure that your skin remains hydrated throughout the day. You might need to moisturize more often if you live in an area with high humidity or low humidity.

  • Consider using a gradual tanner on days when you don’t plan on being outside for long.

Gradual tanners are usually lighter than other sunless tanners and will allow you to gradually add color over time instead of giving yourself a dark tan all at once. This can be great for days when you don’t want as much color but still want some definition on your skin. Keep in mind that gradual tanners take time to build up so give yourself at least four hours before applying another coat of tanner

A sunless tan can be a great way to add some color to your skin without having to spend hours in the sun. While there are many different types of sunless tans available, most will require some upkeep.

  • Use vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can moisturize skin and help it stay soft, supple, and smooth-looking. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory that can help soothe sunburned skin. 

  • Exfoliate before you tan.

Exfoliating your skin is important to help remove dead skin cells, which can cause fading and unevenness of your tan. Exfoliating before you apply a self-tanner may also help to improve the results that you get. This is because exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and make the surface of your skin smoother so that the tanner can be more easily and evenly applied.

  • Apply a moisturizer with SPF every day.

You should be applying moisturizer with SPF every day even if you don’t have a sunless tan, so there’s no reason to ditch this habit when you do have one. Moisturizing and protecting the skin is essential to keeping it fresh and healthy. Since you’re exfoliating your skin, which can cause it to dry out, make sure to apply a layer of moisturizer after doing so.

  • Don’t use harsh exfoliators on your face.

The skin on your face is typically thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body, so it should be treated with care. Use a gentle exfoliating product that won’t irritate or damage your skin. You can also make a natural exfoliator at home with sugar and olive oil or sea salt and coconut oil.

Sunless tans are only temporary, but you can make them last longer by scrubbing away dead skin cells as soon as you see that your tan is fading. Try to avoid washing your body in hot water during this time, since it will exacerbate the rate at which your tan fades.

  • Avoid using makeup wipes.

Avoid using makeup wipes. If you’re planning to use any type of wipes while tanning, make sure they’re alcohol-free and fragrance-free. If you blot with one that has alcohol or fragrance in it, it can cause unwanted streaks and unevenness in your tan. If you want the best results possible, use lotion or an oil-based moisturizer.

  • Eat pro-tan foods

A good diet also improves and prolongs a sunless tan. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants and provide nutrients that help keep skin healthy. Eliminating foods with empty calories, such as white bread, soda, and candy can help you shed excess pounds, which makes your skin look more toned and youthful. This can make the sunless tan appear darker and last longer.

  • Avoid Chlorine

If you want to swim, avoid chlorine pools because they’ll strip your tan away. If you must go in a chlorinated pool, protect your skin from the chlorine by showering before entering the pool and rinsing off as soon as you get out of it. You can also apply waterproof sunscreen that’s 30 SPF or higher before swimming to protect your skin from the elements.

  • Drink plenty of water daily.

You may have heard that drinking lots of water makes your skin look better in general, but it also helps with sunless tans specifically because well-hydrated skin absorbs color more deeply than dry skin does. It also prevents the skin from flaking off.

Always remember that sunless tanner are a cosmetic product, not tanning lotion. Just like any other cosmetic, it contains ingredients to make the product aesthetically pleasing. A sunless tanner is no different from a lipstick or lip gloss. If you have sensitive skin, then it would be wise to wear gloves while applying and washing the tan off. You should also avoid getting your head too close to the nozzle of the bottle or in the hot shower which is required for good results as well. On a final note, remember that you can always wear sunscreen above all to ensure that you do not get skin cancer over time.


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