Get Rid of Low Back Pain with These Simple Steps!

June 9, 2023 0 Comments

Summertime is the perfect time to spend time outside, but sometimes a wonderful excursion can be taxing on your body.

Weekend trips, novel pursuits (surfing anyone?), and more time spent with friends and family can all result in new pains and aches. Perhaps you were assisting someone with a bulky duffle bag, or that friendly garden game became something more cutthroat than you had anticipated. Your lower back pain or discomfort appears out of nowhere, and you’re unsure of how to deal with it. Do you want to ignore it? Just leave it alone?

I’ll say it for you: Your back is one part of your body that you should avoid tampering with.

The causes of a hurting back are several. Inactivity, such as staying late at work or sitting in a painful airplane or automobile seat, can also cause it. Other times, discomfort is brought on by increased activity or motions that are out of the ordinary, such as loading up boxes for a move or simply attempting a new workout.

One of the most frequent conditions driving Brits to the doctor is low back discomfort. Mild discomfort, general stiffness, or crippling pain that travels from the spine down the hip and leg are just a few possible symptoms. Depending on your age and the mechanism of injury (how it happened), the soreness may be caused by several various issues.

Poor posture is one of the primary causes of back pain. Low-grade muscle strains or minor disc aggravations are frequently caused by improper body alignment and mechanics. As we age, degenerative changes in the spine can also contribute to stiffness in discomfort. Disc bulges and herniations can cause varied degrees of pain.

Whatever the cause of your low back discomfort or soreness, you need to take action.

Your Move: Stiffness and muscle tension that is brought on by a hurting back frequently restrict mobility and help people move in ways that minimize pain. To get you moving comfortably once again, you’ll need mobility and stability. Work through a cat-camel stretch to gently mobilize your spine.

On your hands and knees, commence the cat-camel exercise. Look for a neutral spine. Take a breath in as you softly arch your low back and lower your tummy toward the floor. Then, when you exhale, reverse the curve of your spine, extending it upward like an enraged cat. To carefully transition from the cat stretch to the camel position in a pain-free range, repeat this movement 5 to 10 times.

Try some simple core workouts that focus on the transverse abdominis for stability. With your spine in a neutral position, concentrate on stability exercises like heel taps from a tabletop or isometric belly bracing. Abdominal crunches should be avoided. Apply heat while resting flat on your stomach or with a pillow under your stomach for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day if you’re feeling very uncomfortable.

Visit a physical therapist right away if you’re suffering from crippling pain or any other radiating pain for a more individualized, directed treatment plan. Avoid running in particular, heavy lifting, frequent bending and twisting, and any plyometric exercise.


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