Former Trump HHS COVID-19 Advisor Says Task Force Deceived the American People!

September 4, 2021 0 Comments

Ok, this recent interview just blew my mind and it literally confirms everything so many of us have been saying since the start of the COVID fiasco.

You remember when COVID first reared its head last spring and at first no one was truly concerned about it, right? The Democrats were saying it was nothing and that people should just continue to live their lives as nothing. However, was President Trump was more cautious and rightfully so, we didn’t know everything about the virus at all. However, as more information came out of the virus and what it looked like more people, including Trump began to realize it was nothing more than a bad case of the flu.

However, the media saw the golden opportunity in scaring the ever-living daylights out of people with their non-stop media coverage and counting deaths on the screen every day.

However, it appears we have all been bamboozled.

Well, that is according to Dr. Paul E. Alexander, who worked as a senior Trump Administration Health and Human Services COVID-19 advisor is saying.

Dr. Alexander made an appearance on the Stew Peters Show and made eye-opening revelations that many have suspected all along.

Oh, but not only did he say that COVID was just a really bad flu season but he also said that there wasn’t a pandemic either.

So many lives would have been saved if there wasn’t censorship of medications that could have actually helped.

Also, if you were younger, your chance of survival was essentially 100%.

Stay with me folks, it gets even better.

The experimental jabs that are being pushed to the global population don’t EVEN meet the definition of a vaccine.

They’re gene modification injections.

Watch Dr. Alexander drop major truth bombs on The Stew Peters Show:

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