Pregnancy is a time of significant change; one of the most noticeable changes is a woman’s body. She has to accommodate the growing baby but also deal with the physical changes that come with pregnancy.

Getting back into shape after giving birth is not easy for many women. Some have trouble adjusting to their new bodies; others have no idea where to begin.

The following exercises will help you get back in shape after having your baby:

  • Take It Slow

Getting pregnant is hard on your body, and so is giving birth. Start slow when exercising after pregnancy. Don’t expect your massive belly to disappear in days or weeks. Take it easy and ensure you get plenty of rest between workouts, so your body has time to recover from the strain of carrying around all that extra weight (and now giving birth too).

  • Focus On Breathing

When exercising, the most important thing is not the exercise itself but how well you breathe. Breathe deeply through your nose and out again with each movement you make. This will help relax muscles, work more efficiently (and reduce soreness afterward). You’ll also stay focused on what’s happening around you rather than having tunnel vision from shallow breathing during laps.

  • Walking

Walking is an excellent exercise that can help eliminate any unwanted fat in your body.

  • Yoga

Yoga helps improve flexibility and balance while toning muscles at the same time. It’s also good for stress relief and relaxation and can help reduce back pain caused by carrying a child for nine months!

  • Lunges

Lunges are effective for toning thighs and buttocks and improving overall muscle endurance in the legs. These exercises are also great for working out your inner thighs, often neglected during pregnancy because it’s hard to target them with other activities like squats or lunges.

  • The plank

This exercise is one of the most effective ways to firm up your tummy. It requires excellent stability from your core, which you can build with regular practice. Plank is also known as the king of exercise for women, as it works on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Here’s how to do it:

Lay on your stomach while supporting yourself on your forearms and toes (or hands). Hold this position for at least 30 seconds or more if possible; make sure that you don’t put any pressure on your neck or lower back by keeping your body straight from head to toe; raise yourself on your toes at the end of each repetition; repeat as many times as you can stand.

  • The bicycle

Lie flat on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees, feet flat on floor hip-width apart; place hands behind head, elbows outwards; lift one leg about 45 degrees off the floor, keeping the knee bent at 90 degrees; rotate torso towards raised leg without moving either foot (keeping it flat on the floor); alternate sides each time until the set is complete.

  • Rollout

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand at chest level, arms hanging straight down at the sides of the torso. Bend forward, lowering torso toward the floor while keeping back straight, then return to starting position by pushing hips back as far as possible without arching back or allowing elbows to move forward past knees (as shown). Keep the spine neutral and avoid any twisting at the waist during movement.

  • Dead bug

Face down on the mat with arms extended out to the sides so that the body forms an L shape from shoulder to toe with arms and legs straight (as shown). Bend right elbow so the forearm is resting on top of the left arm just above the shoulder joint; inhale as you extend left leg backward; exhale as you return left leg to start position (i.e., “dead bug”). Repeat movement on the opposite side (i.e., exhaling while extending right leg.

  • V-ups

The V-up exercise is a full-body move that works your core, leg, back, and shoulders. V-ups are known to be the ultimate belly fat cutter and what makes them more compelling is that they offer benefits of two moves– crunches and leg raises. This will be your go-to exercise if you’re looking forward to burning that belly fat after your pregnancy.

  • Mountain climbers

This exercise perfectly combines core and cardio exercises that target your abs, shoulders, arms, chest, and belly. Thus, mountain climbers can help you lose all that stubborn belly fat that stays after pregnancy.

  • Burpees

The burpee is a full-body exercise that targets every major muscle group. It also works your core as you lift and lower your body. This makes it an excellent exercise for losing fat, toning your arms and legs, and building endurance.

In addition to being a great cardio workout, burpees help to strengthen your back muscles. This will help protect them from injury during pregnancy and after childbirth when picking up your baby or carrying them in a baby carrier.

  • Squats

Squats are a lower-body exercise that can help strengthen the core. They also help build total-body strength and are great for your heart health. Squats help strengthen essential muscles in the abdominal area and lower back. The abdominals, gluteals, and hip flexors help stabilize the body during squats.

While it can take more than a year for your body to bounce back after giving birth, try not to focus too much on how long it takes. Accept that you are getting back in shape—and be proud of it. It will help motivate you to do the right things to regain your figure. You might also consider talking with a healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise regimen.


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